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Elephantiasis is Still Rampant Worldwide
- by admin

According to Yangon Region Chief Minister, Lymphatic filariasis (LF) or elephantiasis is still widespread in nine South East Asian countries including Myanmar and on the global scale, elephantiasis continues to be prevalent in 49 countries.

Construction work comes with another danger: An increased risk of drug abuse
- by admin

A new study led by researchers at New York University revealed which careers might push someone to abuse drugs. Researchers from New York University examined almost 300,000 workers in 13 different industries focusing on marijuana, cocaine and opioid use. They discovered construction workers and people in the mining and drilling industries, had higher risks of misusing opioids and painkillers.

Increase of Typhoid Fever Cases in Singapore
- by admin

Health authorities in Singapore have reported that 18 people were infected with typhoid fever and hospitalized in three weeks. They also revealed that the number of cases rose from 15 to 18 in a time span of four days.

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