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Malaria Cases Still at an All Time High in Delhi, India
- by admin

According to data from Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), it has been reported that the number of malaria cases in Delhi in September was 368 cases. This was higher than the number of malaria cases in September 2018, which were 308 cases.

WHO response to rise up of worldwide epidemic dengue
- by admin

Rising cases of Dengue over the past several months in Pakistan and Bangladesh has become a concern to WHO. Dengue is the one leading cause of headache, muscle pain and high fever, all classic symptoms of dengue, a mosquito-borne virus that has struck large numbers of people across the country.

Elephantiasis is Still Rampant Worldwide
- by admin

According to Yangon Region Chief Minister, Lymphatic filariasis (LF) or elephantiasis is still widespread in nine South East Asian countries including Myanmar and on the global scale, elephantiasis continues to be prevalent in 49 countries.

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